About Paul


I strive to provide my clients with timeless images that document the wedding day as it happened. “Timelessness” is the theme that guides my photographic style. Spend 5 minutes on any popular wedding blog and you will quickly begin to notice that the photos (shot by many different photographers) all have the same Instagram filtery look. While these aesthetic trends book a lot of weddings for some photographers, I prefer to avoid them. On your 25 year anniversary, I want you to look through the photos in your wedding album and say “these look just as amazing as the first time we saw them,” not “Ugh, these images are so 2017.”

I believe the best photographs come from beautiful moments captured in good light with proper composition, not trendy photoshop techniques.

I take a “hands off” approach to photographing weddings. My goal is to be invisible to you and your guests for most of the day, and to be a warm, positive presence when it’s necessary. I’m convinced that heavily posing people and staging moments is the surest way to get awkward, stiff and generic photos. Your day will be filled with wonderful, unique moments all on it’s own and it is my job to creatively capture these moments as they truly happen.



I love my job! I photograph beautiful moments in some of the world’s finest locations. I believe that the passion I have for my work shows through both in the quality of my images and the satisfaction of my clients.

About Paul

I was born and raised in the visually stunning Pacific Northwest. As I grew up, my imagination was continually sparked by the beauty that surrounded me. For years, I struggled to find my voice in the world, and then a camera landed in my hands and everything made sense. I pursued my new passion with everything I had and eventually received my degree in photography. In 2009, I moved to Vermont and fell in love with the area. Today, I live in Burlington, VT where I work full time as a commercial and wedding photographer.

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, shoot me a message! I’d love to hear from you!